House Sessions H470

House Sessions h470 : A musical journey through the styles of House music

Welcome to the world of House Sessions h470, an electronic music show that takes you on a journey through the different styles of House music. The h470 episode mixed by Nikimix includes a careful selection of tracks from talented artists, ranging from Soulful House to Nu Disco to Tribal House and many more. Discover tracks by Babs Presents, Ian Carrera, NESI (ES), Saliva Commandos, Jose Uceda, Sandy Rivera and many more, that will have you dancing and shaking.

I. The diversity of House styles

Voices In My Head (Original Mix) – Babs Presents
The mix starts with “Voices In My Head”, a track by Babs Presents that combines elements of classic house music with more modern sounds. The catchy melody and haunting vocals immediately put you in the mood for this special program.

Right On Track (Original Mix) – Ian Carrera
Ian Carrera then takes us into a funky house universe with “Right On Track”. The steady rhythm and groovy bass lines give this track an irresistible dance feel. This track is a real tribute to the roots of House music while bringing a touch of freshness.

After Party (Extended Mix) – NESI (ES)
The third track, “After Party” by NESI (ES), plunges us into a world of Nu Disco with retro accents. The vintage synthesizers and electro-funk rhythms will transport you directly to the dance floor for an unforgettable evening.

I Get High! – Saliva Commandos
The mix continues with “I Get High!” by Saliva Commandos, a Tribal House track with powerful and hypnotic percussions. The tribal rhythm and the exotic sounds bring a raw and primitive energy that makes you want to wiggle.

Where Are You Now – Jose Uceda
“Where Are You Now” by Jose Uceda brings us back to a more introspective atmosphere with a Soulful House with enchanting harmonies. The delicate melodies and touching lyrics invite you to let yourself be carried away by this musical sweetness.

Set You Free – Sandy Rivera, Jame Starck, Alexis Victoria, Zetaphunk, Yvvan Back
The track “Set You Free” is a true hymn to freedom, mixing the talents of Sandy Rivera, Jame Starck, Alexis Victoria, Zetaphunk and Yvvan Back. The powerful vocals and captivating melodies give this song a positive and contagious energy, which will surely put you in a good mood.

You’ve Been On My Mind (Main Vocal) – Mo’Cream
Mo’Cream offers us then a piece of Garage House with “You’ve Been On My Mind”. The urban sounds and rhythmic breaks give this track an energetic and sensual dimension

There It Is (Original Mix) – Kevin Yost
Kevin Yost offers us “There It Is”, a track with accents of Deep House and Jazz. The haunting piano melodies blend with the delicate rhythms to create a soothing yet uplifting atmosphere. This track is a real musical journey that transports you into a world that is both intimate and refined.

Dancing (feat. Toastii Bear) (Filip Grönlund Remix) – Kry (IT), Filip Grönlund
Filip Grönlund’s remix for “Dancing” by Kry (IT), with the participation of Toastii Bear, is a Nu Disco track with energetic and festive sounds. The sparkling synths and groovy bass lines will make you want to sway to the dance floor without stopping.

Kiss Of Freedom (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) – J.D.’s Time Machine, Cleveland P. Jones, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins
DJ Spen and Gary Hudgins’ remix for “Kiss Of Freedom” by J.D.’s Time Machine and Cleveland P. Jones is an ode to Soulful House. The enchanting vocal harmonies and vibrant melodies create an intoxicating and warm atmosphere. This title is a call to love and freedom that will touch your heart.

Real Change (Original Mix) – Soul Renegades
With “Real Change”, the Soul Renegades offer us a committed and inspiring piece of House. The powerful lyrics and organic sounds bring an authentic and deep dimension to this track. This piece is a call to thought and action, which will make you want to commit yourself to a better world.

Mozambique (Original Mix) – Andromeda Orchestra
Finally, “Mozambique” of the Andromeda Orchestra closes this mix with an exotic and sunny Afro House atmosphere. The frantic rhythms and luminous melodies take you into a frenzied dance that celebrates the richness and diversity of cultures. This track is a real musical firework which concludes in beauty this House Sessions h470 program.


House Sessions h470 offered us an intense and varied musical journey through the different styles of House music. With carefully selected tracks and talented artists, this show was able to make us vibrate and dance throughout these rich and diverse sounding pieces. From Soulful House to Nu Disco, passing by Tribal House, Garage House and many others, House Sessions h470 was able to captivate our senses and transport us into a unique musical universe. Don’t miss the next episodes of this must-see show for all electronic music lovers.