Hanna Rose – 0402024

Hanna Rose 04022024 Hanna Rose’s Brother

In a world where music transcends boundaries and eras, the latest 2024 refreshed set by Nikimix has become more than just a compilation of electronic tracks. For Hanna Rose and her brother, this collection of tunes has turned into a significant source of encouragement and motivation, especially in moments when life seems to challenge their resilience.

The set begins with Aiiso’s “City Lights,” an extended version that immediately immerses us in an urban nighttime ambiance, illuminated by hope and the promise of new beginnings. It’s an invitation to look beyond the immediate challenges and find beauty in the urban life chaos.

Nikimix’s selection, with tracks like “Heaven Knows” by Luca Debonaire and “Ashes in the Wind” by Sébastien Léger, speaks of resilience, transformation, and the ability to find light even in the darkest moments. These pieces, with their captivating melodies and uplifting rhythms, remind everyone of the inner strength needed to overcome obstacles.

The emotional climax of the set is reached with “Be Someone” by CamelPhat and Jake Bugg, a track that encourages embracing one’s identity and pursuing dreams with determination. It sends a powerful message to Hanna Rose’s brother, reminding him that despite uncertainties and doubts, the capacity to become “someone,” to leave a meaningful mark in this world, lies within each of us.

The melancholic hues of “Melancholia” by Le Croque and HRRSN, along with the profound echo of “Soul In Pieces” by Modeplex, add a layer of introspection to the compilation, inviting personal reflection and self-examination. These tracks emphasize the importance of confronting one’s vulnerabilities to emerge stronger.

The 2024 refresh of this set by Nikimix is not just a testament to the evolution of electronic music but also a symbol of human perseverance in the face of adversity. For Hanna Rose and her brother, this collection of tunes has become an anthem for resilience, a constant reminder that, no matter the challenges, music has the power to heal, inspire, and motivate.

In these uncertain times, where each day can seem like a challenge, Nikimix’s music offers a sanctuary, a moment of calm in the storm. For Hanna Rose’s brother, and for all those seeking courage to face tomorrow, this refreshed set is a beacon of hope, proving once again that music is much more than mere entertainment; it’s a vital force, capable of transforming despair into determination, and fear into courage.

1 Aiiso City Lights (Extended Mix)
2 Dyab Oyle
3 Luca Debonaire Heaven Knows (Original Mix)
4 Sébastien Léger Ashes in the Wind
5 Dominic Bullock You Deep (Original Mix)
6 Simon Doty, Ezequiel Arias Sonoma (Extended Mix)
7 Rodriguez Jr. Santa Cruz
8 Le Croque, HRRSN Melancholia
9 Sovax Somebody (Original Mix)
10 Catching Flies, Andhim Opals (Andhim Remix – Extended Mix)
11 Dee Montero, Newman (I Love) Shadows
12 Bajau, Zoe Kypri Slow Motion (Extended Mix)
13 Xinobi Piano Lessons
14 Yotto Radiate
15 The Dualz Your Eyes
16 Deephope To Sleep
17 Danny J Lewis The Right Time (Extended Version)
18 OFFAIAH Private Show (Club Re-Edit)
19 Risk Assessment, Queen Rose Dance With Me (Original Mix)
20 Martijn Ten Velden Strings Attached
21 CamelPhat, Jake Bugg Be Someone (Extended Mix)
22 Jody Barr Carson (Original Mix)
23 Dee Montero, Meliha In The Wild (Extended Mix)
24 Wally Lopez, Stefan Obermaier Spirit
25 Supergreen Clair de lune (Original Mix)
26 Yotto Turn It Around (Extended Mix)
27 Modeplex Soul In Pieces (Original Mix)
28 C-Major (SA), Lizwi, Klement Bonelli On Me (Klement Bonelli Remix)
29 Martijn Ten Velden Strings Attached
30 Sebastien Leger Lanarka
31 Manuel De La Mare Born Slippy (MDLM Mix)
32 Yotto Radiate