Grant Nelson – British artist and pioneer of house music

Grant Nelson – British artist and pioneer of house music

Grant Nelson, a renowned British artist, is a mainstay of House Sessions. Considered a pioneer of house music in the UK, Grant began his career in the 90s and quickly became an icon of the genre.

With a musical style that fuses classic house, soulful house and garage, Grant has won over electronic music fans the world over. His talent for creating haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms has earned him international recognition, as well as collaborations with renowned artists and labels.

A varied and impressive musical experience

Over the years, Grant Nelson has produced numerous successful tracks and remixes that have left their mark on the history of house music. His impressive discography bears witness to his passion for innovation and his dedication to music.

Grant is also an outstanding DJ, delivering fiery, dynamic sets during his live performances. His regular appearances on House Sessions are a testament to his talent and ability to adapt to the changing face of electronic music.

Follow Grant Nelson and discover his captivating musical universe

Follow Grant Nelson to discover his musical universe, and don’t miss his appearances on House Sessions, where he continues to share his captivating creations with the world.


  • Grant Nelson – “Move Close” (1994): This classic Grant Nelson track has been a major hit in clubs and on radio around the world, and remains a favorite among house fans.
  • Grant Nelson – “Step 2 Me” (1996): This iconic track helped establish Grant Nelson as a key player on the UK House scene, and was a commercial success at the time.
  • Grant Nelson feat. Jean McClain – “Life” (1997): Featuring the haunting vocals of Jean McClain, “Life” became an essential house anthem and propelled Grant Nelson’s career to the next level.
  • Grant Nelson – “Spellbound” (