King Street Sounds is a New York-based house music label founded in 1993 by Hisa Ishioka. Since its creation, the label has become a reference in the world of electronic music, offering a platform to many talented artists and producing quality house tracks. In this article, we present the history of King Street Sounds, its impact on the house scene and 5 of its most popular tracks.

  1. The label’s beginnings

Hisa Ishioka, founder of King Street Sounds, has always had a passion for music. He began his career working for various labels in Japan before moving to New York to pursue his dream of setting up his own company. In 1993, he founded King Street Sounds with the aim of promoting house music and supporting emerging artists.

The label takes its name from King Street in New York, which was an iconic venue for the house music scene in the 90s. He quickly made a name for himself in the industry, thanks to the quality of his productions and the originality of his artists.

  1. The label’s philosophy

King Street Sounds’ ambition has always been to offer quality house tracks, with an emphasis on innovation and creativity. The label has developed a unique musical identity, blending influences from soul, jazz, funk and electronic music.

The label is also characterized by its collaborative approach, encouraging artists to work together and share ideas. This philosophy has enabled King Street Sounds to develop a rich and varied catalog, reflecting the diversity of the house music scene.

  1. Emblematic artists

Over the years, King Street Sounds has welcomed many talented artists, who have contributed to the label’s renown. They include names such as Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Ananda Project, Blaze, DJ Spen, Tiger Stripes and many more.

These artists have helped King Street Sounds stand out on the international house scene, thanks to their innovative productions and unique approach to electronic music.

  1. Impact on the house scene

Since its inception, King Street Sounds has had a considerable impact on the house music scene, helping to popularize the genre and providing a platform for emerging artists. The label has become a benchmark for house music fans, who appreciate the quality and originality of its productions.

King Street Sounds has also played an important role in the evolution of house music, offering tracks that have marked the genre’s history and encouraging artists to explore new sounds.

Here is a selection of 5 popular tracks from the King Street Sounds label:

1. “Rain” – Kerri Chandler from Rain” This iconic song by Kerri Chandler is a classic on the King Street Sounds label. Released in 1998, “Rain” won over house music fans with its haunting melodies and catchy rhythms. This track has become a staple at house parties and has contributed to the fame of Kerri Chandler and the label.

2. “Sandcastles” – Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham joined forces to create this deep, hypnotic house track in 2003. “Sandcastles” is a track that made a lasting impression with its haunting melodies and exotic sounds, making it a classic in the King Street Sounds catalog.

3. “Cascades of Colour” – Ananda Project ft. Gaelle Adisson Released in 2000, “Cascades of Colour” is one of Ananda Project’s signature tracks. Gaelle Adisson’s haunting voice blends with house and soul sounds to create a soothing, rhythmic ambience. This track is an example of the musical diversity of the King Street Sounds label.

4. “Most Precious Love” – Blaze ft. Barbara Tucker “Most Precious Love” is a soulful, energetic house track released in 2005 and performed by the duo Blaze and singer Barbara Tucker. This track has become a dancefloor classic and contributed to King Street Sounds’ popularity among house music fans.

5. “Heal My Heart” – Kerri Chandler ft. Treasa “Diva” Fennie Released in 1999, “Heal My Heart” is another iconic Kerri Chandler track, in collaboration with singer Treasa “Diva” Fennie. This soulful house track combines captivating melodies and touching lyrics, reflecting the musical diversity and originality of the King Street Sounds label.


King Street Sounds is an iconic house label that has left its mark on the history of electronic music since its creation in 1993. Thanks to its collaborative philosophy and commitment to innovation, the label has made a name for itself on the international scene, providing a platform for many talented artists. The tracks produced by King Street Sounds reflect the diversity and richness of the house scene, and continue to influence electronic music fans worldwide.