Freeze Records is an iconic music label, founded in 1992 by Todd Terry, one of the most influential producers and DJs on the house scene. Since its inception, Freeze Records has been committed to promoting and developing house music, providing a platform for artists and producers to share their creations with the world. In this article, we explore the history of Freeze Records, its landmark achievements and the artists who helped shape its legacy. In addition, we present five of the label’s most popular tracks that have left their mark on the history of electronic music.

  1. The history of Freeze Records

Freeze Records was founded in the early 1990s, at a time when house music was booming. Todd Terry, the label’s founder, was already an accomplished producer and DJ, having worked with artists such as Masters at Work and produced remixes for international stars like Madonna, Björk and George Michael.

Todd Terry founded Freeze Records with the aim of creating a space dedicated to the promotion of house music, with an emphasis on production quality and the development of new talent. Over the years, the label has expanded its catalog to include a variety of musical styles, such as Deep House, Tech House and Progressive House, while remaining true to its roots.

  1. Freeze Records milestones

Since its inception, Freeze Records has seen a number of landmark achievements, demonstrating the label’s commitment to quality and innovation. Among the most notable moments in the label’s history are :

  • The release of iconic Todd Terry tracks such as “Jumpin'” and “Keep on Jumpin'”, which helped define the sound of 90s house and popularize the genre with a wider audience.
  • The discovery and promotion of new talents, such as Tony Humphries and Armand Van Helden, who have become major figures on the international electronic scene.
  • Collaboration with renowned artists and producers such as Roger Sanchez, Kenny Dope and Little Louie Vega, who bring their expertise and creativity to the label.
  • The organization of iconic events and parties, such as the Freeze Records Showcases, which brought together the label’s top DJs and producers for unforgettable live performances.
  1. The artists who shaped the Freeze Records legacy

Freeze Records’ legacy would not be complete without mentioning the artists who helped build its reputation and define its musical identity. The label’s most emblematic figures include :

  • Todd Terry, the label’s founder, whose productions and remixes have been both commercial successes and essential references for house music fans.
  • Tony Humphries, an American DJ and producer whose fiery sets and innovative productions helped popularize house music and establish Freeze Records as a benchmark label.
    • Armand Van Helden, an American producer and DJ of Dutch origin, who signed several successful titles on Freeze Records before becoming an international electronic music superstar.
    • Kenny Dope, member of the Masters at Work duo and prolific producer, who has brought his distinctive touch to many of the label’s titles and collaborated with other artists in the Freeze catalog.
    • Roger Sanchez, an American DJ and producer whose remixes and original productions have been widely acclaimed for their technical quality, creativity and energy.
  1. Five popular tracks from Freeze Records

Here’s a selection of five popular Freeze Records tracks that have left their mark on the history of electronic music:

  1. Todd Terry – “Jumpin'”
  2. Armand Van Helden – The Funk Phenomena
  3. Tony Humphries – “Work Is Work” (Her Wet Shoes)
  4. Todd Terry – “Keep on Jumpin'”
  5. Kenny Dope – “The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind)”


Freeze Records embodies the pioneering spirit and passion for house music that defined the 90s and beyond. Thanks to the vision of its founder Todd Terry and the commitment of its artists and producers, the label has succeeded in creating an enduring legacy that continues to inspire future generations of musicians and electronic music fans.

By exploring Freeze Records’ landmark achievements, iconic artists and popular titles, we can appreciate the label’s impact on the international house scene and its contribution to the evolution of the genre. As electronic music continues to develop and diversify, the Freeze Records legacy remains a testament to the importance of innovation, quality and collaboration in creating a unique and timeless sound.