Founded in 1999 by Simon Dunmore, Defected Records is now one of the most influential and respected labels on the international house scene. Defected Records has established itself as an essential reference point for electronic music fans, with renowned artists and cult titles. This article invites you to discover the history and impact of this iconic label, as well as five of its most popular titles.

The beginnings of Defected Records

Defected Records was born from the vision of Simon Dunmore, a British DJ and producer who wanted to create a label dedicated to house music. With a wealth of experience in the music industry, notably as artistic director at Cooltempo/Chrysalis, Simon Dunmore set up Defected Records in 1999 with the aim of promoting talented artists and offering quality titles.

The rise of the label

Over the years, Defected Records has established itself as a major player on the international House scene, thanks to a demanding artistic policy and a catalog rich in quality titles. The label has signed artists such as Bob Sinclar, Kings of Tomorrow, Dennis Ferrer and MK, and helped launch the careers of many talented individuals.

Defected Records has also developed a strong presence in the world of festivals and clubs, with events such as Defected In The House, Glitterbox and Defected Croatia festivals. This presence on the live scene has enabled the label to reach an ever-wider audience and strengthen its influence within the house community.

H2: The musical identity of Defected Records

Defected Records is characterized by a strong musical identity, based on accessible, melodic and danceable house music. The label relies on polished productions, catchy melodies and soulful vocals, while exploring diverse influences such as Disco, Funk and Deep House. This musical identity has enabled Defected Records to reach a wide audience and stand out in an increasingly competitive musical landscape.

The five most popular tracks from Defected Records

  1. Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (2000) One of Defected Records’ most iconic tracks, Kings of Tomorrow’s “Finally” is an ode to love and perseverance, carried by Julie McKnight’s haunting vocals. The track became a house music classic and helped launch Kings of Tomorrow’s career.
  2. Bob Sinclar – I Feel For You (2000) Bob Sinclar’s “I Feel For You” is a flagship track on Defected Records, which catapulted the French DJ and producer to international stardom. With its disco and funk sounds, this track made a lasting impression, and is still a staple on dance floors the world over.
    1. Fish Go Deep – The Cure & The Cause (2006) “The Cure & The Cause” by Fish Go Deep is an iconic Deep House track, characterized by its melodic tones and soulful vocals. Released in 2006, this track was an international success and remains a classic of the genre, often played at Defected Records parties.
    2. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (2010) With “Hey Hey”, Dennis Ferrer signs one of Defected Records’ biggest hits. This house music track, driven by Shingai Shoniwa’s powerful vocals, won over electronic music fans with its energetic, driving sounds. “Hey Hey” has become an anthem of the House scene and continues to get the crowds dancing.
    3. MK – 17 (2017) “17” by MK is a refreshingly modern house track that quickly won over audiences with its catchy melodies and punchy beats. This track, released in 2017, helped boost the profile of Defected Records and confirmed MK’s talent as a producer and DJ.

    Defected Records’ impact on the international house music scene

    Defected Records has played a major role in the development of the international house music scene, launching the careers of many talented artists and offering quality titles that have left their mark on the history of electronic music. The label has also helped popularize house music among a wider audience and reinforced its influence within the electronic community.

    Today, Defected Records continues to defend its vision of house music, signing new talents and organizing ever more ambitious events. With a rich catalog of iconic titles and a strong presence on the international scene, Defected Records is a must-have label for all electronic music fans.


    Defected Records is an emblematic label on the international house scene, which has made its mark thanks to a strong musical identity and a demanding artistic policy. Since its creation in 1999, Defected Records has helped launch the careers of many talented artists, and offered audiences tracks that have become classics of electronic music. As you explore this fascinating universe, you’ll discover the history and impact of Defected Records, as well as five of its most popular tracks that continue to rock dancefloors the world over.