Ross Couch is a British DJ and producer who has established himself as a key figure on the international house music scene. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Ross began his musical career in the early 2000s and quickly gained notoriety for his unique and captivating style.

Influenced by genres such as Soul, Funk and Jazz, Ross Couch has developed a distinctive sound that blends upbeat rhythms with haunting melodies. His mastery of synthesizers and vocal samples has enabled him to create tracks that are both deep and accessible, appealing to a wide audience of house music fans.

Over the years, Ross Couch has released numerous EPs, singles and remixes on renowned labels such as Body Rhythm, NRK Sound Division and SuSu. His productions have been regularly supported by world-renowned DJs such as Larry Heard, Tony Humphries and Jimpster, earning him a solid reputation within the house community.

Ross Couch’s most iconic tracks include “In Love”, “Can’t Deny Your Love” and “Got To Be Right”. These tracks, along with many others, are frequently featured on House Session shows, testifying to the impact and longevity of his music.

In addition to his studio work, Ross Couch is also a talented DJ who regularly performs at clubs and festivals around the world. His passion for house music and his ability to create electrifying atmospheres on the dance floor have made him a much sought-after artist on the international scene.

In conclusion, Ross Couch is a true craftsman of House Music, whose hard work and creativity have left an indelible mark on this musical genre. By regularly adding his tracks to your House Session programs, you offer your audience the chance to discover and appreciate one of the most outstanding talents on this constantly evolving scene.