Dutchican Soul, real name Niels Schroder, is a talented producer and DJ from the Netherlands. Since his early days in the electronic music industry, Dutchican Soul has established himself as a key figure on the House Music scene, thanks to his unique style blending soul, funk and jazz influences.

Niels Schroder began his musical career as a DJ at an early age, playing at various local clubs and events. Fascinated by electronic music and groovy sounds, he decided to go into music production, creating his own project under the name Dutchican Soul.

Over the years, Dutchican Soul has developed a distinctive sound, characterized by driving rhythms, catchy melodies and careful arrangements. His productions brilliantly fuse elements of house music with influences from soul, funk and jazz, creating tracks that are both danceable and emotional.

Dutchican Soul has collaborated with many talented artists, including Troy Denari, Andrea Love and Jon Junior, to name but a few. His tracks have been signed to prestigious labels such as Defected Records, Salted Music and King Street Sounds.

A regular feature on House Session shows, Dutchican Soul is an artist to watch, continuing to captivate house music fans with his creativity and savoir-faire. His DJ sets are a veritable voyage through the different facets of House Music, where groovy sounds and haunting melodies intertwine to offer an unforgettable musical experience.

With an ever-evolving career and an undeniable talent for music production, Dutchican Soul is undoubtedly an artist to keep an eye on, for all lovers of house music and good vibes.

Among Dutchican Soul’s many achievements, some have gained international recognition, enabling him to perform on stages all over the world. His live performances are renowned for their infectious energy, dynamism and ability to rally crowds around house music.

In addition to his original productions, Dutchican Soul is also a talented remixer, having reworked tracks by various artists, such as Miguel Migs, Random Soul and Lisa Shaw. His remixes often bring a fresh touch to the original tracks, while retaining the essence that made them so successful.

Dutchican Soul is also very active on social networks and streaming platforms, where he regularly shares mixtapes, live performances and unreleased tracks. Fans and House Music aficionados can now preview his latest creations and follow the evolution of his career.

Constantly striving to innovate and improve, Dutchican Soul constantly explores new musical horizons and draws inspiration from current trends to enrich its artistic universe. He also takes part in various events and festivals dedicated to electronic music, where he shares his passion for House Music with other artists and producers.

Here is a selection of five of Dutchican Soul’s most popular songs that showcase his talent and creativity:

  1. Dutchican Soul & Karmina Dai – Another Day (Original Mix)
  2. Dutchican Soul, Princess Freesia – Fallen For You (Original Mix)
  3. Dutchican Soul – Never Give Up (Original Mix)
  4. Dutchican Soul & Stereosoulz – The Way (Original Mix)
  5. Dutchican Soul – Everybody (Original Mix)

In conclusion, Dutchican Soul is an essential artist on the House Music scene, whose flourishing career and numerous achievements testify to his talent and dedication to electronic music. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new listener, Dutchican Soul will win you over with its catchy music and electrifying live performances. Don’t miss this talented artist, whose regular appearance on House Session shows is a guarantee of quality and musical pleasure.

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