House Sessions H479

Discover Nikimix’s masterful expertise, with a spotlight on three leading artists on the House scene

Every week, listeners to House Sessions are swept up in a whirlwind of captivating sounds thanks to the undeniable talent of Nikimix. This week, with episode H479, the experience is at its peak. Nikimix offers us a meticulously constructed mix, with carefully chosen tracks. In this article, we highlight three artists who particularly stood out, as well as the show’s complete playlist.

1. Avon Stringer

The first track, “Make It Right (Avon Stringer Extended Re-Up)”, is by Avon Stringer. This dynamic duo is known for its daring house productions. This track is a great introduction to the Nikimix mix, with its catchy rhythm and hypnotic melodies, and sets the tone for the rest of the show.

2. Sebb Junior

In sixth place, we have “A Million Ways (Extended Mix)” by Sebb Junior. French producer Sebb Junior has captivated the house world with his carefully crafted rhythms. “A Million Ways” is no exception, with its deep bass and exquisite harmonies, it’s impossible not to get caught up.

3. The Mekanism and Mr. V

“The Mekanism” and “Mr. V” collaborate to bring us “This Is My Day (Main Mix)” in ninth place. The Mekanism, a talent from Paris, and Mr. V from NYC, make an epic transatlantic alliance. This track is a celebration, with beats that invite you to dance and lyrics that convey a message of optimism.

Complete playlist for House Sessions H479:

Avon Stringer – Make It Right (Avon Stringer Extended Re-Up)
Maickel Telussa, Bad Motherfunker, You Mann – Show Me Love
Friendly Ghosts – Fan The Flame (Extended)
Fernando Avila – Knock Knock (Extended Version)
Go Freek, Dope Earth Alien – Turning It Up (Extended Mix)
Sebb Junior – A Million Ways (Extended Mix)
Mike Millrain – Better Life (Original Mix)
Ian Carrera – Being Alive (Garage Dub)
The Mekanism, Mr. V – This Is My Day (Main Mix)
Christos Fourkis, TSOS – Beats & Djembe (TSOS Remix)
Jo Paciello – Break it
Alex Preston – Do You Like It Funky (Extended Mix)
Ross Couch – Chemistry
Fahlberg – Wytal
Nikimix has once again succeeded in wowing us with House Sessions H479, an eclectic mix that warms the hearts of house music fans. With a selection of perfectly-tuned tracks, he takes us on a journey where every beat counts.

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