House Sessions H482

House Sessions H482 Dive into the world of electronic music

Electronic music is an ever-evolving genre, offering a rich and varied palette of sounds that appeal to an ever-growing audience. Today, we’re highlighting three tracks that stand out in today’s playlist. These tracks, from different sub-genres, embody the diversity and creativity that are the strength of electronic music.

## 1. “Dimon (Max Rockid ‘UK Garage’ Remix)” by Lovanda, Max Rockid

This remix by Max Rockid brings a touch of UK Garage to Lovanda’s original track. The jerky rhythm, deep bass and well-placed vocal samples make this track a must-have for any Garage fan. Max Rockid manages to retain the essence of the original track while adding his own touch, making it a masterpiece for setting dance floors alight.

## 2. “Deep Air Symph (Original Mix)” by Roy Jazz Grant

“Deep Air Symph” is a veritable ode to Deep House. Roy Jazz Grant takes us on a sonic journey with haunting melodies and soothing rhythms. This piece is ideal for moments of relaxation or to accompany an evening with friends. The complexity of the arrangements and the quality of the production make this track a must-have for any Deep House fan.

## 3. “Crazy (Vocal) (Extended Vocal)” by Danny J Lewis

Danny J Lewis gives us a House vocal track that leaves no one indifferent. With “Crazy”, he manages to capture the very essence of house music: driving beats, a groovy bass line and powerful vocals. The mix is impeccable, and each element finds its place in this harmonious composition. It’s the kind of track that immediately gets you up and dancing.

### Discover the complete playlist:

1. Lovanda, Max Rockid – Dimon (Max Rockid ‘UK Garage’ Remix)
2. Roy Jazz Grant – Deep Air Symph (Original Mix)
3. Danny J Lewis – Crazy (Vocal) (Extended Vocal)
4. Kevin Yost – Groovy Glory (Original Mix)
5. John Khan, Booker T – Kool Cat (Booker T Satta Dub Edit)
6. True2life – Fighter (Original Mix)
7. Mascota, D-Trax, Crazibiza – Paloma (Crazibiza Bedroom Mix)
8. Backup Plan – Where You Go (Extended Mix)
9. Din Jay, Jame Starck, Michelle Weeks, Windy City Classics – Believe (Windy City Classics Remix)
10. Groove Invaderz, Nicole Tyler, Richard Earnshaw – Keep Risin’ (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Remix)
11. Sonic Soul Orchestra, Kathy Brown – So Into You (Original Vocal Mix)
12. Eric Redd, Booker T – Rick James, Bitch (Booker T Remix)

These three tracks are just a taste of what electronic music has to offer. They represent the diversity and richness of the genre, and are indispensable additions to any playlist worthy of the name. So what are you waiting for to add them to yours?