House Sessions H476

Nikimix House Sessions H476: Diego Rey, Peter Brown and Vicky Vanna shape the electronic music landscape

There’s a plethora of talent in the music industry, with artists constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. Within this constellation of stars, Diego Rey, Peter Brown and Vicky Vanna stand out for their unique contribution to the electronic music industry. Thanks to the H476 show mixed by Nikimix, their music reaches an even wider audience.

Diego Rey: A driving force behind H476

Diego Rey, with his composition “Love Religion (Original)”, demonstrates his ability to create spellbinding melodies that electrify the H476 audience. His ability to fuse various genres is exemplary, producing a distinctive sound that leaves an indelible impression on listeners.

Peter Brown: A sure thing on H476

Peter Brown, famous for his track “Free Spirit (Original Mix)”, offers captivating remixes that are much admired by H476 listeners. His talent for transforming an existing track into a musical work of art is unrivalled, making him a mainstay of the show.

Vicky Vanna: The new face of H476

Vicky Vanna, with her track “La Puesta Del Sol (Original Mix)”, captivated listeners of the H476 program. She quickly gained in popularity and established herself as one of the most promising new voices in electronic music. His style blends energetic rhythms and poignant melodies to create a unique, captivating sound.

The influence of these artists on H476

These three artists have made a significant contribution to the evolution of electronic music through the H476 program. Their creativity and innovation not only helped shape the show’s sound, but also inspired other artists to push the boundaries of electronic music.


Diego Rey, Peter Brown and Vicky Vanna embody the essence of diversity and creativity in the electronic music industry. Their talent and passion shine through in every note of their compositions. Thanks to the H476 show mixed by Nikimix, they continue to captivate audiences worldwide, redefining the standards of electronic music.