Hanna Rose – 280523

The ultimate summer phenomenon: The “Hanna Rose 280523” podcast

Summer’s about to get even hotter with the latest sonic sensation sweeping the music scene – the “Hanna Rose 280523” podcast. Deploying a divine blend of deep house, progressive and minimalist beats, this exceptional program promises to sync perfectly with the summer vibes. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to plunge into an auditory adventure like no other.

World music prodigies in a podcast

The “Hanna Rose 280523” podcast is one of a kind. It incorporates the sounds of world-renowned artists, creating a superb sonic palette that is both hypnotic and intoxicating. The mix of musical genres gives this show a universal appeal, offering a summery feel that’s both refreshing and unforgettable.

An exceptional cast: DJ Zombi, Sons of Maria, and more

The show highlights the euphonious sound of DJ Zombi’s “Everything Nice This Morning”, which creates a perfectly synchronized harmony with the hypnotic “It Takes So Long (Extended Mix)” by Sons of Maria. This soundscape continues to expand, incorporating an exceptional version of “Greece 2000 (KREAM Extended Remix)” performed by the dynamic trio, Three Drives On A Vinyl, Three Drives and KREAM.

Mijangos and GARC!A: a stunning collaboration

Perhaps the highlight of this aural adventure is the collaborative track “Born (Extended Mix)” by Mijangos and GARC!A. This is followed by the soothing “Two More Days” by Jim Rider, which will take you into a state of absolute relaxation. The unique energy of Sébastien Léger’s “Ariana” is enhanced by the haunting remix of “Closer” by JODA, Robyn Sherwell and Simon Doty.

Raising the mood with Delerium, Sarah McLachlan and Kryder

Delerium, Sarah McLachlan and Kryder raise the excitement level with their exquisite “Silence (Kryder Extended Remix)”, which intertwines harmoniously with Alex Metric’s “Space & Time”. Damir Pushkar’s vibrant “Neon Sunlight” adds a touch of dynamism to this auditory experience.

Hidden treasures: Underworld and Tim Green, Made By Pete and Zoe Kypri, Dulus and Alberto Hernandez (MX)

The sonic journey continues with the captivating “Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix)” by Underworld and Tim Green. Tracks like “Horizon Red” by Made By Pete and Zoe Kypri, and “Skywriting” by Dulus and Alberto Hernandez (MX) add further depth to the overall experience.

The perfect conclusion: Yves Murasca and Rosario Galati, Above & Beyond, PROFF and Igor Garanin

The finale of this summer excursion is assisted by

urinated by Yves Murasca and Rosario Galati’s haunting “Inner World (Extended Mix)”. The ultimate thrill is delivered with the spellbinding remix of “Surge” by Above & Beyond, PROFF and Igor Garanin. These two tracks bring a sumptuous conclusion to this sonic journey, leaving the listener with the feeling of a musical excursion well accomplished.

The ticket to the ultimate summer getaway: “Hanna Rose 280523”.

The “Hanna Rose 280523” podcast isn’t just a show, it’s your ticket to the ultimate summer getaway. This collection of selected tracks is designed to take you on a musical journey that defies convention and expectation. Whether you’re enjoying a lazy afternoon by the pool, taking a long drive along a coastal road, or simply relaxing at home, this podcast is the perfect companion.

Let the rhythm guide you

The best thing about this musical journey is that there are no rules or restrictions. You don’t have to be a music connoisseur to appreciate the beauty of these melodies. All you have to do is let the rhythm guide you. Let the flow of music take you into a world of deep beats and hypnotic melodies. Each track invites you to immerse yourself in its ambience, savour every note and feel every vibration.

A sound journey not to be missed

Ultimately, the “Hanna Rose 280523” podcast is more than just a show. It’s a carefully orchestrated musical journey, showcasing some of the most prolific and respected talents on the global music scene. Each track has been meticulously selected and arranged to deliver an optimal listening experience. Whether it’s rhythmic deep house beats, captivating progressive melodies or soothing minimalist sounds, every moment is designed to perfectly complement your summer mood.

This musical journey is a true declaration of love to summer, brimming with positive vibrations and revitalizing energy. So don’t hesitate and dive into the world of “Hanna Rose 280523”. It’s the ultimate sound experience you won’t want to miss this summer. Let the rhythm guide you and enjoy every moment of this incredible summer adventure.


Here is the track listing for the podcast “Hanna Rose 280523” organized in a more formal way:

  1. “Everything Nice This Morning” – DJ Zombi
  2. “It Takes So Long (Extended Mix)” – Sons Of Maria
  3. “Greece 2000 (KREAM Extended Remix)” – Three Drives On A Vinyl, Three Drives, KREAM
  4. “Born (Extended Mix)” – Mijangos, GARC!A
  5. Two More Days – Jim Rider
  6. “Ariana” – Sébastien Léger
  7. “Closer (Simon Doty Remix)” – JODA, Robyn Sherwell, Simon Doty
  8. “Silence (Kryder Extended Remix)” – Delerium, Sarah McLachlan, Kryder
  9. Space & Time – Alex Metric
  10. Neon Sunlight – Damir Pushkar
  11. “Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix)” – Underworld – Underworld, Tim Green
  12. Horizon Red – Made By Pete, Zoe Kypri
  13. Skywriting – Dulus, Alberto Hernandez (MX)
  14. “Inner World (Extended Mix) – Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati
  15. “Surge (PROFF & Igor Garanin Remix)” – Above & Beyond, PROFF, Igor Garanin

This track list represents a veritable musical escapade, from progressive deep house beats to minimalist sounds, designed to perfectly accompany your summer vibes.