Hanna Rose – 100923

Discover the Latest Trends in Progressive Music: A Curated Playlist for September 2023

For music fans and aficionados of progressive house, each month offers the opportunity to explore new sounds, unique melodies and refreshing tunes. As we enter September, here’s a carefully curated playlist to touch your soul and uplift your spirit.

1. Golden Rain by Kollah
A mesmerizing track that blends the essence of progressive beats with Kollah’s unique style, offering an atmospheric experience.

2. The Night is Blue by Tim Green
Green’s signature touch is evident in this track, taking listeners on a transcendental journey through rhythm and sound.

3. Face The Sun (Extended Version) by Miraj (AU)
An extended version that promises aural pleasure with every beat, demonstrating Miraj’s unrivalled skills.

4. Groovy Glory (Original Mix) by Kevin Yost
As the title suggests, this track combines groovy rhythms with the glory of deep house melodies.

5. Cope (Extended Version) by Hosini
A progressive delight, ‘Cope’ centers on complex beats and haunting melodies.

6. For You (Extended Version) by The Advocate & 88Birds
A collaboration that promises – and delivers – a blend of classic progressive elements and contemporary sounds.

7. Branka by Oliver Koletzki & Andhim
A track that resonates with the soul, Branka bears witness to the mastery of Oliver Koletzki and Andhim.

8. Ancient Rider (Remix by Nicolas Viana) by UMANNTO, Maja Iris & Nicolas Viana
This remix brings a new perspective to the track, with Nicolas Viana’s touch making it a delight for the ears.

9. Dimon (Remix ‘UK Garage’ by Max Rockid) by Lovanda & Max Rockid*
For those who appreciate the nuances of UK Garage, this remix is an absolute must.

10. All This Love (Original Mix) by MuSol & Davos
A magnificent combination of beats and melodies, this track promises to be the anthem of September.

11. Reminded (Original) by Groovejet
To conclude the playlist, Groovejet offers a refreshing track that will remain engraved in listeners’ memories.

Let yourself be carried away by these melodies and let the progressive waves transport you to a world of musical ecstasy. Until next month, keep on dancing!