Deep House Sessions D030

Introduction to Deep House with Funkky, Kerri Chandler and Miguel Migs

In the diverse field of music, Deep House has carved a niche that resonates with soulful rhythms, lush melodies and deep bass lines. The recent Deep House H030 playlist offers a rich mix of tracks that embody the best of the genre, with artists who have made their own unique mark. Among these talents are Funkky, Kerri Chandler and Miguel Migs. Let’s delve into the fascinating worlds of these artists, exploring their musical journeys, their creative processes and their decisive contributions to Deep House.

Funkky: The innovative blend of Africa and the West

Funkky, an artist as intriguing as his name, stands at the vanguard of innovative electronic music. Renowned for his fusion of African and Western elements, he captures the heart of Deep House while constantly pushing its boundaries. His recent collaboration with Nomvula SA and Eric Kupper on the track “Ngiyeke” from the H030 playlist, is testimony to this. The song, a captivating blend of African rhythms and soulful melodies underpinned by a powerful bass line, showcases Funkky’s expertise in creating atmospheric, immersive tracks. His unique sound has earned him a special place within the Deep House scene, resonating with listeners worldwide and promising a bright future in the industry.

Kerri Chandler: A pioneer of Deep House

Next on our list is Kerri Chandler, a house music legend whose impact on the genre is immeasurable. Known for a deep, soulful sound that is as rhythmic as it is melodic, Chandler is widely recognized as a pioneer of the New Jersey sound. His recent work, “Let It [Basic Club]”, featured in the H030 playlist, encapsulates Chandler’s classic style. It’s an infectious groove featuring its characteristic smooth bass lines, sophisticated synth work and emotive vocals, all underpinned by a relentless beat that ensures the track is club-ready. With decades of producing quality music under his belt, Chandler remains an enduring figure in the Deep House scene, continuing to inspire emerging artists with his timeless sound.

Miguel Migs: The ambassador of Californian vibe

Finally, we have Miguel MMigs. The Californian DJ and producer is synonymous with relaxed, soulful house vibes that seamlessly bridge the gap between electronic and organic music. His track “Restless Nights” from the H030 playlist is a perfect example, with its mellow grooves, Martin Luther’s sensual vocals, and a touch of saltiness that’s distinctly Migs. Over the years, his sound has evolved, but he has remained true to his roots, offering music that sounds both fresh and familiar. It’s a testament to the diversity of Deep House, demonstrating how the genre can adapt and thrive across different styles and sounds.


The Deep House H030 playlist is a rich tapestry of sound that embodies the best aspects of the genre, and artists like Funkky, Kerri Chandler, and Miguel Migs are essential threads in this fabric. Their contributions, along with those of their peers, constantly push Deep House forward, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and evolving corner of the electronic music landscape. Through their music, they inspire us, make us dance, and above all, they remind us of the power of deep, soulful rhythms to move our minds, bodies and souls.